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Hey guys,

Before my tag, I wanted to apologize for the lack of journals/artwork. Uni has been extremely hectic and certain things have happened in my life that have caused me to be unable to art for a while. But now uni's  finished for the year! 

So now for my tag! (I am SO sorry I'm horribly late with this)

I was tagged by :iconicesufinnorta:

1. Must post all rules!
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them selves
3. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own
4. Literally tag 13 people
5. You can't say you don't do tags
6. Tag backs are allowed
7. You must make a journal entry
8. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says
9. Be creative with the title!

13 facts about myself
1. I have been practicing my manga skills for 12 years now. (this skill has improved dramatically) 
2. I have hyper mobility -  I'm a bit more flexible then most people!
3. My favourite animals are penguins!
4. I want to be a games designer in the future. Right now I like playing around with RPG Maker, but I plan to try Unity soon. 
5. I My favourite sports are Formula 1 and Ice Hockey. My F1 team is Ferrari and my Ice hockey teams are Tigers (SHL) and Montreal Canadiens (NHL) 
6. I enjoy playing field hockey. I play as a forward. (though I haven't recently due to injury... but it's thankfully almost mended now)
7. I love metal, rock and alternative rock music, though I do enjoy gaming tracks such as Undertales music or Sega's themes. (all of me from Shadow the Hedgehog is one of my faves!)  
8. I really want to move to Canada one day. 
9. My favourite colour is red.
10. My favourite cake is red velvet cake .... now I want cake ;A;
11. I like my coffee as a mocha, preferably with medium coffee.... (uni does amazing mocha's!) 
12. My hobbies are reading, drawing, game making and painting.
13. I used to do a lot of acting and I starred as Fat Sam when my troupe put on Bugsy Malone a few years ago. It was a really fun show and I would totally do it again. (I did this show while taking my highers as well)

Questions for me
1. Have you ever tasted Pockys? If you have, which flavour is your favourite?
I have and they are delicious! I was at a convention in April that sold different flavours. My favourite is strawberry.

2. Football(soccer) or basketball?
Basketball - I'm really not a football fan.

3. Which one would you like to be more, Ninja or Pirate??
Pirate - I get to travel the seven seas!

4. Your favourite thing to do when you were 8 years old?
Crafting. I liked making things with paper mache, like castles

5. How often do you listen to radio?
I listen to it while at work, it's nice to listen to while working/ breaks.

6. What is your opinion in pandas?
They are cute! <3 (Have you seen the babies? They're adorable!)

7. If you could pick one anime/TV-show character to love you and be with you forever, who would you choose?
.... Matthew from Hetalia. We're pretty similar and would have a lot of fun. :iconaphcanadaplz:

8. Which is your favourite quote?
" Be ready
For the unexpected" - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

9. A word you say a lot?
Cake       (XD)

10. Are you hard-working??
Very, I attend uni full time and work. I used to learn parts for multiple shows while studying - once I was prepping for 3 different shows that were being preformed within days of each other while studying 4 other subjects!

11. Reindeers or elephants?

12. Do you like maths?? 
Absolutely not. Math and me are not friends.

13. Did you think my questions were weird? xD
Nah :)

My Questions

1. Do you like motorsports?
2. Do you like Hockey?
3. What is your favourite anime/manga?
4. Who is your favourite game character?
5. What is your favourite game console?
6. Do you make games? What engine do you use? (e.g. RPG Maker)
7. What is your favourite cake?
8. Is there anywhere you want travel to in the world?
9. I say Scotland you say?
10. Fight or Mercy?
11. Do you like to paint? What kind of paint do you like to use? (e.g.Acrylic, Oil)
12. What's your favourite animal?
13. What made you first follow me on DA? (you don't have to answer this, I'm just curious)

I tag the following people: 13 people who want to do this tag! (loophole :P )


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Cana -Chan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello! Welcome to my DA den! I'm Cana-Chan but you can call me Cana-Chan, Ruby or Nexes.

I specialise in sewing, painting and drawing.



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